About Us

We are a fast-growing pig farming company aimed to provide high-quality breeding stock. We generate our revenue from (i) providing high-quality breeding stock and market hogs; (ii)providing ancillary products and services such as compound premix and pig farming services; and (iii) sales of fresh meat.

Pig genetic resources and modern pig farming

We imported breeding stock and pig breeding system from Canada and France-based pig breeding companies. Based on the research and development results of these breeding stock companies and through our own continually probing and selection for genetic improvement purpose, we have gradually owned our pig genetics resources and pig farming know-how.

We have extensive experience of modern pig farming. For example, we use data driven approach to conduct continuous analyses on the production data of pig farms; we have a veterinarian team specialising in pig health management; and we use batch production for systematic pig production. Over the years, we received a number of recognitions from various authorities in the PRC, including Agriculture Industrialisation National Key Enterprise (农业产业化国家重点龙头企业) and National Nucleus Pig Breeding Farm (国家生猪核心育种场).As a result, we become the partner of choice of the market players in the pig farming industry value chain such as other pig farms, slaughtering houses, pig dealers in the PRC and food companies.

Leveraging on our pig farming know-how, our pig genetic resources and our extensive experience in the pig farms management, we invest in pig farming companies to expand rapidly throughout the country. Through providing breeding stock resources, pig farming know-how and ancillary products and services to these pig farming companies to support their efficient pig farming, we gain sales revenue, service fees and share of profits in return. We have a vision to help the pig farming value chain improve operating efficiency through modern pig farming.

Pig production

We aim to provide high-quality breeding stock and raise purebreds and two-breed crossbreed pigs. We select part of our pigs as breeding stock candidates according to our standard selection procedures. We choose elite pigs with good physical characteristics, fast growth rate without hereditary diseases to be our breeding stock candidates. These breeding stock candidates are mainly female purebred and two-breed crossbreed pigs. Very few male pigs are selected as breeding stock candidates. Those breeding stock candidates not been selected or sold as breeding stock will be sold as market hogs, which are pigs primarily held for trading and production of pork products.

As at the Latest Practicable Date, we were operating 47 pig farms located in the PRC. The majority of which were located in Chongqing municipality and Sichuan province, the remaining pig farms were located in the Heilongjiang, Gansu , Jiangsu and Guizhou provinces. We had an annual maximum output capacity of approximately 0.3 million pigs as of 1 January 2020. We sold approximately 238.1 thousand, 224.7 thousand, 294.4 thousand pigs to our customers for FY2017, FY2018 and FY2019, respectively. We generally raise our breeding stock candidates in our own pig farms and engage contract farms to raise our market hogs in order to expand our maximum output while focusing on our core competency of pig genetic resources and modern pig farming. We have implemented stringent quality control measures for our pig breeding and pig farming process to ensure the safety and quality of our products.

Other business segments

The commencement of operation of our slaughterhouse in July 2018 through the acquisition of Guang’an Tianzow enabled us to diversify our business into pig slaughtering and sales of fresh meat which mainly includes the wholesale of whole pig carcasses, heads,intestines and other internal organs of pigs. We also provide ancillary services and products which mainly include the sale ofcompound premix and provision of pig farming services to pig farming companies we invest in.

Development History

  • Tianson Husbandry, our predecessor, was established in Sichuan on 10 November 2004.


  • We imported 866 purebreds from a Canada based company, together with their breeding technology.


  • We were awarded National Key Leading Enterprise of Agricultural Industrialization and National Nucleus Pig Breeding Farm.


  • Our brand “Tianzow Breeding” was awarded PRC Well-known Trademark.


  • In March 2015, our Company was awarded the Sichuan Provincial Science and Technology Award.


  • On 18 November 2016, our Company listed its Shares on the NEEQ.


  • We imported from a France based company 975 purebreds, together with their breeding technology.


  • Our Company de-listed from the NEEQ on 4 April 2019 as part of our development strategy.


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